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'The quicker the greater is perpetually the finest answer amidst the data collection'.


The ethical data at the proper time and the appropriate tools to assimilate and exert the intelligence subject to the data is the most effective one in Business intelligence . Here, we habit up and down Business Intelligence solutions encompassing the data as sourcing, combining and augmenting specific data to present a unique solution that clears up a problem for our client. Our prime technology root is a malleable, smart data processing system constructed to expedite real-time capture, executing and outsource of data to our clients.

In our product corners we look into different categories of the market with bespoke products as APIs and direct data feeds, custom-built visualization and analytical dashboards, direct to inbox daily reports and assimilated tools for software aggregation. Retail, real estate, self-storage, travel and ecommerce are the business intelligence solutions in markets that we constitute and export.

In the propogation of business intelligence that are used with in the world of big data, businesses are build up large quantities of unregulated information. With Real-Time Big Data platform, we incorporate features as Spark Streaming and Machine Learning to added and increase the data implied.

Spark Streaming

The performance and accredits are scalable, immense throughput, blunder tolerant drift processing of current data. By compiling, Spark Streaming is a mode of batch data processing that uses convoluted algorithms to mechanize input information into databases.

Machine Learning for Data Science

A mode of fundamental data mining. Pricing segmentation, customer loyalty determination, and fraud detection are used in statistical data analysis that are accompanied in the process.

Web scraping

The admissible use cases include:

  • Search engine bots dragging a site
  • Evaluating its content and paramount it.
  • Price comparison sites extending bots for product descriptions for combined seller websites.

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